A number of our corporate clients have hired our simulators to create a high impact, high-tech focus to a promotional presence. The futuristic design combined with the spectacle and excitement generated around a simulator make it one of the most effective billboards available.

Visual Promotions Package

For clients who wish to integrate a simulator seamlessly with a stand or product we are able to produce printed graphics to transform our units and trailer tractors using any branding or theme. Design work can be made by a clients own in house designers or this can be managed by our own visual promotions department.

Commission Branded or Themed Experience Content

For a completely immersive means of making an impact on an audience, we are also able to allow clients to carry their branding or advertising message over to the content of the ‘experience’. Custom experiences containing just about any theme created as computer animation or film can be commissioned from our experience production partners.

Sponsoring a Simulator

When placed in the right context, a simulator carrying a branded theme can be a powerful means of reaching and stimulating a targeted audience or taking a message to the general public. Some of our past clients have chosen to sponsor a simulator at a number of specially selected public events. This way, a sponsors brand and message can be seen by tens of thousands of passes-by, and who doesn’t stop to look at our rides, if they are not lured in to take a ride themselves?